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Action Recall

Web-based Internal Tracking and Marketing System


With all the hype about internal and external marketing lately, there is finally a no-nonsense approach to the two things that matter most to the dental practice: more new patients and a system designed to hold onto the ones you already have.  No need to purchase extra software, or limit your recall system to sending fancy cards and reminders.  This system sets itself apart by emphasizing efficiency and time management.  Action Recall is a comprehensive system to efficiently sort and contact your patients or clients, set up appointments, remind you of certain important contacts for the future, plan out your important special events, utilize your time effectively, efficiently keep track of lab  information, and order your supplies from each of your vendors and keep track of invoices, special pricing, and back orders as well.  It is even flexible enough to have your recall done remotely, giving your office staff more time to do what they do best. There is no better recall system than ACTION RECALL!  Recall is now a system of remembering not just reminding!    And by the way, every dental office on Action Recall has automatic exposure to new patients searching for a dentist in your area through our FREE nation-wide dental referral service (just like 1800dentist)!  

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