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Product Information

  We are dedicated to making a change in the way dentists and dental offices traditionally have taken impressions. Adjust-a-Tray can be used for crowns, bridges, dentures or partials, orthodontic models, space maintainers, implants, bleaching trays, or virtually any other impression. Now with Adjust-a-Tray you only need two trays: uppers and lowers. You no longer need to inventory, order, and store countless sizes and shapes of trays and take up half your storage to do so. Adjust-a-Tray is custom sized for each patient. Join the growing number who have "seen the light!" We look forward to having you enjoy these very special products in your practice.   ​


​    Adjust-A-Tray comes with extra length, eliminating the need to add wax to the posterior of the tray to achieve the same length. ​


 With just a snap, the unwanted portion of the tray can be removed along pre-established break-points, giving the patient the comfort he or she desires and the dentist the accuracy he or she needs.

  The trays come individually bagged for cleanliness and are intended for one time use.  ​


  One of the greatest advantages is the elimination of the large amount of storage space required by other tray systems in which all different sizes and shapes are stuffed in drawers or cupboards.

  With Adjust-a-Tray, each tray is modified to fit the individual patient and particular procedure with no need to hunt for the tray that you usually don't have.  ​


  Two trays is all you need, uppers and lowers, for any size, mouth, and dental procedure.   

​​  Another advantage to Adjust-a-Tray is the shape of the handle. Many tray handles are straight forcing the operator to move to the front of the patient rather than to the side, making it more difficult to get a good "purchase" on the tray for easy removal.  The handle shape of Adjust-a-Tray makes for better and easier removal of the impression from the patient's mouth.

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