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"Adjust-a-Tray has made impression taking not only convenient but accurate as well.  We especially enjoy the fact that we no longer have to inventory all the different sizes and shapes of trays, but the ease of ordering on auto-ship is so easy too!  We just get the trays shipped to us each month like clock work.  Thanks Adjust-a-Tray!"


Gregory C. Skinner, D.D.S.

Hemet, CA  ​​

"We just threw out all of our old beat up metal trays and have gone exclusively to Adjust-a-Tray for our impression taking.  Patients used to look at those old trays and say "is that going in my mouth?  No way!"  These trays are the greatest thing since buttered-bread.  Why didn't I think of them?  You really have something here! "



Raj Gupta, D.M.D.​

Newport Beach, CA

"Whoever came up with this idea of having just one tray for upper impressions and one tray for lower impressions is a genius! ​

These Adjust-a-Trays are so easy to custom fit and use for all our impression needs.  Our patients love the fact that they come individually wrapped for sanitary purposes.  No more digging in a bag for the size you need and contaminating the rest."


​Jameson Parker, D.M.D.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

As a dental lab owner, I am always looking for ways to improve the fit and accuracy of our cases.  I recommended Adjust-a-Tray to all my dentists and told them that if they used the Adjust-a-Tray that redos were free.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  What a great innovation in impression accuracy and dependability.

Darren Evans, CDT

Owner, Alpine Dental Laboratory

Alpine Utah

"What don't we like about these trays.  This is one great product!  Nothing has changed impression taking as much as Adjust-a-Tray.  The girls in my practice comment daily on how easy they are to modify to each patients mouth and how they used to hate ordering and inventorying all the various trays.  We are looking forward to the triple bite tray!"

Larry Judd, D.D.S.

Laramie, Wyoming

​​​"This tray has been great in my orthodontic practice.  I never realized how much time we were wasting fitting, refitting and sterilizing trays.  This has  made the assistants and patients happy.  One tray upper, and one tray lower.  We can't see ourselves using anything else again.  Adjust-a-Tray for all our impressions from now on."

Tal Jergensen, D.D.S., M.S.​

Temecula, CA

"Every once in a while a product comes out that makes me really angry that I did not think of it myself, and the  Adjust-A-Tray is one of those products. The genius of the Adjust-A-Tray is its ability to be used in four different widths: small, medium, large and extra-large.The most common scenario for me is when I try a medium tray into someone’s mouth and discover it is too small. At this point, you simply remove the tray, unsnap it from the medium setting and snap it into the large size. Also, due to perforations at the rear portion of the tray, you can adjust the tray to three different lengths. There have been plenty of times when the width of a tray is acceptable but the tray is too long, and the Adjust-A-Tray easily solves that problem. There are also two different sulcus heights so that you can use the tray for partially edentulous arches as well."


Dr. Michael  Ditolla

Director of Clinical Research and Education

Glidewell Laboratories




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