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​Fully adjustable and disposable impression tray.

$19.99 per bag
(uppers or lowers)


Regular Price: $24.99 per bag of 12 trays

Look for our new fully adjustable triple bite tray coming soon!

    As an RDAEF with 18 years of experience in private practice and the laboratory, I have used many trays over the years, from those listed in catalogs that look like they MAY work to samples sent from dental companies. No matter the quality, as assistants we always found a way to “make it work.”


Then I came across the  Adjust-A-Tray. My first thought was, “What a great idea!” It took away the frustration of trying-in multiple trays and having to sterilize the unused ones. This tray gives me options, thanks to buccal/facial walls that break away and perforations at the rear of the tray. It can adjust to four different widths, three different lengths and two different heights…all in one! This is definitely a tray worth trying!


Jennifer Carpio, RDAEF

Director of Clinical Operatory

Glidewell Labarotories

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